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Dick & Mary StieglitzWorkshop: Tame Your Dragons and Invigorate Your Relationship

Summary:  How often do you REALLY talk as a couple and get into the issues?   Do you trust each other completely when things change?  If not, why?  Workshop participants will be invited to discuss the most significant changes that are happening in their relationships on the day of workshop.   Dick and Mary Ellen will share experiences from their 44-year relationship and help them apply the tips described in Dick’s book titled: Taming The Dragons of Change - 10 Tips for Achieving Happiness & Success When Everything Around You Is Changing.  The ten tips are practical ways to think about change, to improve relationships, and to take action each day as we face a new set of changes.  The workshop will lead participating couples to discover new possibilities for simultaneously savoring the success they have earned, while achieving happiness and fulfillment in their relationship even as everything around them is changing.

  Workshop for five to twenty couples

Target Audience:  Couples (married or not)

Workshop Facilitators: Dr. Richard G. Stieglitz (Dick) & Mary Ellen Stieglitz

Workshop Length:  Two or three hours

Key Issue Addressed:   Hardworking men and women wrestle with the dragons of personal and professional change every day.  Their jobs are changing.  Their families and friends are changing.  Change itself is changing faster than ever before.  Despite enjoying the highest standard of living in history, couples sometimes feel burned by frustration, stress and fear of what tomorrow might bring. Paradoxically, they have more and feel less satisfied.  Since change is never-ending, they can’t slay the dragons of change.  At best they can be aware of them, embrace them, and tame them to achieve the happiness and success they want in their relationship.

Take Home Value: This interactive and entertaining workshop focuses on real issues the relationship partners are experiencing at the time of the workshop.  Each couple participating in the workshop will take home new perspectives and new techniques for dealing with the issues and challenges that their relationship is facing, and the pressures that the struggle for work-life balance places on their relationship.