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Dick & Mary StieglitzPresentation: Tame Your Dragons and Invigorate Your Relationship

Summary:  How do you deal with issues and opportunities in your relationship?  Do you enjoy your differences, or do they become dragons?  Dick and Mary Ellen connect with the audience by sharing humorous and poignant experiences from their 44 year relationship.  Any relationship is the interaction of the two partner’s dragons - their habitual reactions to unwanted or unexpected changes and events.  Dick and Mary Ellen have dragons that sometimes play well together but, at other times, fight ferociously.  The presentation describes how they tamed their dragons, survived two separations, and achieved lasting joy and happiness using the ten tips in Dick’s book: Taming The Dragons Of Change.  The presentation is insightful, honest and engaging in addressing issues that relationship partners face in the changing world of the twenty-first century.

    Stand-up presentation to audience of any size

Target Audience:    Mixed gender.  Ideal for spousal gatherings at conferences.

Presenters:    Dr. Richard G. Stieglitz (Dick) and Mary Ellen Stieglitz

Length:   Thirty to ninety minutes

Key Issue Addressed:  How can hardworking men and women build a lasting relationship even as they wrestle the dragons of personal and professional change every day?  Their jobs are changing.  Their families and friends are changing.  Change itself is changing faster than ever.  Despite enjoying the highest standard of living in history, couples often feel burned by frustration, stress, and fear of what tomorrow might bring.  Paradoxically, they have more and feel less satisfied.  Since change is never-ending, they can’t slay the dragons of change.  At best they can be aware of them, embrace them, and tame them to achieve the happiness and success they want in their lives.

Take Home Value:   During the presentation, listeners will laugh and cry, think and grow, as they are entertained and challenged to examine themselves and their relationships.  They will leave the presentation feeling uplifted and joyful, emotionally lighter than they were earlier in the day.  And they will have learned several practical tips that will help them increase their career success and personal happiness.