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Dick StieglitzKeynote: Leading From The Middle

Overview:  Do your companys middle managers seem to be on divergent paths?  Do they complain about each other, instead of working together?  If these questions describe your team, this workshop is for you.  Pick a current issue, and let the middle management team resolve it during this workshop.  This workshop helps mid-level managers increase their influence in the organization, and deal more effectively with senior executives and each other.

Target Audience
:  Mid-level managers from the same organization or industry

Format: Workshop with break-out sessions to address specific issues

Workshop Length:  four hours to two days depending on the number of participants and the complexity of the issue(s) to be addressed.

Workshop Facilitator: Dr. Richard G. Stieglitz (Dick)

Workshop Summary: The workshop is designed to help mid-level managers increase their influence in the organization in which they work; deal more effectively with the CEO, senior executives and each other; and realize a higher level of job satisfaction.  In the Leading From the Middle workshop, mid-level managers will learn ways to present new ideas effectively, form relationships with other managers and executives that work smoothly inside the organization and with strategic partners, negotiate differences in perspective, and get things done without frustration. Content for the workshop is based on Dick’s book: Taming The Dragons Of Change — Ten Tips For Achieving Happiness & Success When Everything Around You is Changing.

Key Issue Addressed:  Many mid-level managers are frustrated by what they perceive as their inability to affect the direction of the organization and produce exceptional results in the area they manage.  That frustration diverts their creativity, reduces their value to the organization, and adversely affects the quality of their lives.  This workshop provides practical tips to increase their influence in the organization and improve their results and the organization’s results by "leading from the middle."

Take Home Value:  This interactive workshop focuses on real issues the mid-level managers are experiencing at the time of the workshop.  Each mid-level manager participating in the workshop will take home new perspectives and new techniques for managing up, down and across in their organization and with strategic partners, thereby substantially improving their performance and their job satisfaction.  The workshop will produce and executable plan to address the issue(s) that was discussed.