Business Consultant, Author and Motivational Speaker


Dick StieglitzKeynote: Taming The Dragons Of Change

Overview:  Is your organization facing a significant change?  Are your people apprehensive about what might happen?  If your answer is YES, this keynote address will set a positive tone for a productive conference or strategic planning session.  This flexible keynote address offers tips to help the audience savor the success they have earned, and succeed personally and professionally in a world of change.

Target Audience
:  Adaptable to a wide variety of audiences and topics

Format:  Stand-up presentation to audiences of twenty or more people

Length:  Forty minutes to two hours

Presenter:  Dr. Richard G. Stieglitz (Dick)

Description:   Dick connects with the audience by telling insightful and poignant stories about his dragons: where they came from, how they affect his life positively and negatively, and how they shape who he is today.  Then the presentation addresses the ten tips in Dick’s book: Taming The Dragons Of Change - Ten Tips For Achieving Happiness & Success When Everything Around You is Changing using stories from the book that are entertaining, insightful and often humorous.  The ten tips are related to how we think about change (our belief system), how we treat others in the midst of change (relationships), and how we take action (or not) when facing change.

Key Issue Addressed:  Hardworking men and women wrestle with the dragons of personal and professional change every day.  However, it is their reactions to change that determine their happiness and success, not the changes themselves.  When they consciously or subconsciously resist change, emotional habits emerge that become dragons in their lives.  Like the mythical dragons in the Harry Potter novels, their dragons aren’t real either.  But they feel so real that they may become frustrated, afraid, overwhelmed or angry at the changes in their lives and relationships.  Even thought the dragons are in their imagination, they still steal the happiness and success.

Take Home Value:  During the presentation, listeners will laugh and cry, think and grow, as they are entertained and challenged to look at themselves and their relationships.  They will leave the presentation feeling uplifted and joyful, emotionally lighter than they were before, and they will have several practical tips that will help them increase their career success and personal happiness even as everything around them is changing.