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Dick StieglitzKeynote: Future Change Presentation

Target Audience: Professionals from the same company or industry

Format: Interactive presentation to audience of ten to one hundred

Length:  Two to four hours

Presenter:  Dr. Richard G. Stieglitz (Dick)

Presentation Summary:  The presentation is a thought-provoking look at business changes that are headed our way.  The ten Future Changes are changes that are just beginning to appear in the business world, but won’t reach their peak impact for several years.  During the presentation, participants will be encouraged to consider each of the ten changes from two perspectives. First, as potential new business opportunities for creative entrepreneurs; and second, relative to how they will change how organizations operate in the future.  One of them could be the next bubble!

Key Issue Addressed: The relationship economy is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. In today’s business world, changes travel at the speed of light.  We can communicate with anyone, anywhere, at any time, on any subject.  To stay on top, we must do a lot more than just react to change. We must anticipate, embrace, and use change to our advantage.  This presentation will help participant thrive, not just survive, in a world of accelerating change.

Take Home Value: Participants will take home fresh new perspectives on how to lead their organization to success in rapidly changing markets driven by e-business strategies, emerging alliances, new technologies, and dissolving international boundaries.  The presentation challenges participants to think differently about change, to build effective business relationships around change, and to take proactive actions that make change an asset in their organizations.