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Dick StieglitzKeynote: To Change Your Company, First Change Yourself

Overview:  Has your executive team set high goals that require fundamental changes?  Do the changes present significant implementation risks and challenges? If you responded YES, this presentation will increase the probability that the changes will be successful and relatively painless.  During this interactive program, executives will gain new perspectives and techniques to implement change and deal with resistance in a way that makes the company a leader in changing markets.

Target Audience
:  Executives from the same organization or industry

Format: Heavily interactive presentation to audience of fifteen to fifty executives

Length:  Two hours, Half Day or Full Day

Facilitators:  Dr. Richard G. Stieglitz (Dick)

Presentation Summary:  The presentation is designed to help executives produce consistent growth and profits in continuously changing markets.  Customers are changing, employees are changing, technologies are changing, and the demand for products and services is changing.  Senior executives must anticipate and respond to such changes in a way that establishes and maintains their organizations as profitable leaders in the new and changing markets.  In this interactive session, executives will gain new perspectives by discussing their most challenging issues in goal setting, teamwork inside the company, forming strategic partnerships, and leading their organizations in the changing world of global business. Content for the presentation is based on Dick’s book: Taming The Dragons Of Change Ten Tips For Achieving Happiness & Success When Everything Around You is Changing.

Key Issue Addressed: Change starts with an organization’s senior executives. These executives have business methods and perspectives that have worked well for a long time.  But fixed ways of doing business and thinking about employees, customers, partners, and products/services may not be effective in rapidly changing markets driven by e-business strategies, emerging alliances, new technologies, and dissolving international boundaries.  The interactive format encourages executives to examine their methods and perspectives to determine if they are suitable in today's changing markets; and, if not, to replace them with more effective methods and perspectives.

Take Home Value:  Executives will take home fresh new perspectives on changing markets, and new techniques for dealing with change in their business and their market. The interactive presentation will challenge members to think differently about change, to build effective business relationships around change, and to take proactive actions that make change an asset in their organizations.