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Personal Change

"If you wait until all the lights are green before you
leave home, you'll never start your journey."

Zig Ziglar

To get to where you are today, you stretched through many changes. I did too. At three years old, I abandoned the comfort of my biological mother to leap into the loneliness of an orphanage and the uncertainty of adoption.
I didn't choose that stretch, but the experience gave me a deep determination to take care of myself. At 18, my father told me to stop dating the girl who was to become my wife or leave the house. I moved out to demonstrate my independence. Ready or not, I've been responsible for myself ever since. At 22, I gave away the freedom of being single to share life with my wife and daughters, and learn about unconditional love.

After graduation, I left the comfort of academia to become a naval officer. I gained engineering experience, leadership abilities, and valuable professional contacts. At 32, I resigned from the Navy to face the pressure
and uncertainty of the private sector. My reward was management skills, a network of colleagues, and financial growth. At 39, I abandoned the stability of working for a company to ride the thrilling roller-coaster of
self-employment. I accepted responsibility for the job security of employees, and had an opportunity to make a difference in the world.

At 62, I sold the company, and began to write books and help business owners succeed. A few months ago, I moved from Maryland where I had lived for almost 40 years to a retirement community in sunny Florida.
Almost everyone in the new community acknowledges being old and makes the best of it...enjoys each day to the fullest. Beyond warmer weather and lots of golf, I'm not sure what the result will be. Time will tell.

The most significant advances we have had in our lives have followed a change. Some we chose and others were forced upon us. Without doubt, however, each change took us to a new level of living. More stretches lie
ahead. I can feel the dragon of fear raising its menacing head as I think about mine - the biggest being to venture into the ominous certainty of death. Every minute of our lives is a choice between changing to reach a
new level or accepting the comfort of what we already know. One of the most meaningful gifts we can give ourselves is the freedom to fail.

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