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The Politics Of Change

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Change has become the bedrock issue in the 2008 Presidential campaign. In response to economic uncertainty, an unpopular war, record low Presidential approval ratings, and a grid-locked Congress, the candidates all promise to change Washington. But who among them is the best-qualified to lead change? Can any of them really accomplish the changes they promise?

The process of change is challenging in an organization as gigantic as the U.S. government. Change has two parts: letting go of the old and embracing the new. That's why today's compromise-politics is failing miserably - it does neither. In compromise, both parties regret what they've given up and try to get it back in the next round of negotiations. For example, consider the economic stimulus package recently passed by Congress and signed by the President. Immediately after the bill became law, leaders from both parties renounced the bill saying it didn't contain features they wanted. Both parties refused to let go of the old to embrace the new bill, and didn't seek a third alternative - one that's better for the country than either the partisan Democratic or Republican positions.

I've worked with the Executive Branch as a consultant since the Carter administration; and I was a Naval officer during the Johnson and Nixon administrations. In my experience, the most effective Presidents in effecting change where President Johnson, an insider with over 20 years in Congress, and President Reagan as an outsider with little Federal experience before his election. Therefore, neither an insider nor outsider has an edge in accomplishing change. Rather the traits those two Presidents shared were clarity in thinking, consistency in relationships, and perseverance in executing change. Relative to the 2008 election, the question isn't whether Senators Clinton and McCain as insiders or Senator Obama as an outsider are more qualified to lead change. The question is: do they have the clarity, consistency and perseverance required to make change happen?

Dick Stieglitz Ph.D

Article Source

RTIR Online
Obama, Hillary and McCain Promise it…Washington Insider Reveals Why Change May Be Harder Than We Think

RTIR Online | Radio-TV Interview Report

Change, change, change; it’s the presidential candidates’ mantra. But do any of them really have what it takes to change Washington? According to expert Dick Stieglitz, Ph.D., the dysfunctional bureaucracy that defines our government will make substantive change difficult for even the most well intentioned president.

What advice would Stieglitz give the candidates, and how can we, as voters, best evaluate the candidates’ ability to change how our country deals with powder-keg issues like the economy, health care, Iraq and immigration? Your listeners will be riveted by Stieglitz’s insights when he discusses:

• Why compromise doesn’t work in government, and why Republicans and Democrats need to develop what he calls the “third alternative.”

• Why government officials are so resistant to change, despite their rhetoric.

• Why multibillion-dollar government programs often produce marginal results or fail completely.

• How you can use his Change Quotient to evaluate the candidates.

• 10 tips government, businesses and individuals can use to make change simple (but not necessarily easy).

CREDENTIALS: Dick Stieglitz, Ph.D., is the founder of a successful consulting firm that helps federal government agencies change the way they do business. Stieglitz holds a doctorate in nuclear engineering and served ten years as a U.S. Navy officer in nuclear submarines. He is the author of TAMING THE DRAGONS OF CHANGE: 10 Tips for Achieving Happiness and Success When Everything Around You Is Changing.

AVAILABILITY: Maryland/DC area, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone. Often available on short notice.
CONTACT: Jim Quinn, (330) 414-9552 (OH)

Book Recommendation: Taming the Dragons of Change
Great Readership Book Review

by Lisa Jackson
Director of Program Marketing, WCCCD

It has often been said that what we fear the most is change. As we become comfortable with our daily routines — what we wear, what we do, even what we eat, stepping outside the realm of our safe cocoons can cause a great deal of stress. As we all know, however, change is a part of life, particularly when it comes to work and relationships. It is imperative for developing leaders to know how to recognize change, acknowledge it and, accept it gracefully.

Taming the Dragons of Change by Dr. Dick Stieglitz offers ideas as to how to accomplish these three actions. In a tone that is more conversational than formal, Stieglitz discusses different types of change, when change occurs, who is likely to be affected by change and how not to be stressed by change. Readers are asked to realize that change is normal and can be a great learning tool in dealing with both sudden and gradual adjustments to careers and personal lives.

Unlike many books of this genre, Dr. Stieglitz book uses real-world examples to underscore his main points and offers practical advice and
guidance. His main message is that we must all acknowledge that change is constant; it is to be expected and embraced. Whether we want to admit it or not, without change we can not grow.

Book Recommendation: Taming the Dragons of Change
by Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

As a rule, I avoid the Self-Help section at bookstores. I find most self-help books to be poorly written, preachy pieces of drivel penned by individuals (or their team of research assistants, i.e., Dr. Phil) of questionable credentials and little value.

Most of these “writers” simply reinvent the wheel, peddling the same trite platitudes that cater to society’s quick fix improvement bulimia. What do I mean by “bulimia?” Our nation gorges itself on self-help material, regurgitates it and then looks for the next panacea. They rarely find true psychological or emotional sustenance, forever seeking answers from without when they need to begin looking within.

When I was approached to read and review Taming the Dragons of Change, I groaned inwardly. I saw the word “dragons” in the title and thought an esoteric compilation of gibberish written by a crystal rubbing, granola munching, clog wearing, meditating vegan paraprofessional combining a shaky grasp of neo-Jungian and cognitive behavioral theories would soon arrive on my doorstep. Much to my relief and delight, this was not the case.

Taming the Dragons of Change is a sweetly insightful collection of vignettes exercising common sense (hip hip hurray), contemplation and a wealth of life experience written by a learned, successful and pragmatic man. Dr. Stieglitz offers narrative snapshots from his life, which convey a simple wisdom. The vignettes encourage one to challenge old ways of thinking and being and to make peace with and embrace the only constant in life: Change.

A theme that resonated with me whilst reading is how we needlessly complicate our lives. Dragons of Change offers assistance in deconstructing man made mountains into manageable molehills. Dr. Stieglitz emphasizes our emotional response to change rather than change as the “dragon” source. Life is what we make of it.

We can hide from, hate or harness the dragons of change. It’s a choice. As far as I’m concerned, I’ll take a a new pair of riding boots and a riding crop, please.

I unreservedly recommend this book for those in the mood for a refreshingly honest and straightforward approach to change. Thank you, Dr. Stieglitz.

Taming The Dragons Of Change By Dick Stieglitz, PhD,
Released By PublishAmerica
Recognizing Your Dragons

New York, NY (February 2, 2007) —Taming The Dragons Of Change by Dick Stieglitz was released today by PublishAmerica. Stieglitz, who earned his PhD in Nuclear Engineering at Rensselear Polytechnic Institute, served 10 years in the United States Navy refueling nuclear submarines during the height of the Cold War.

His life experiences, coupled with his family experiences, as well as his business experiences since leaving the Navy, as Director of Defense Programs for McDonnell Douglas, and starting his own management consulting company, RGS Associates, that landed major contracts to help the U.S. Government change how it does business, has given him a unique perspective when it comes to what most mortals fear most…change. Yet the idea to write the book came from a series of essays he wrote for his grandson whose mother then expressed such admiration for her father’s insights, she implored him to take them public.

Divided into bite-size nuggets of pure informational/inspirational/enlightening and entertaining morsels, Taming The Dragons Of Change is Chicken Soup For The Soul improved. One can open to any page and read any one gem to ponder and explore life’s curve balls. Yet it is how one hits those curve balls, how one responds to life’s iniquities, that are important. The seeds of change needn’t be hard to plant. And if one can embrace change, one can fully accept and realize the crossroads where potential, happiness and personal satisfaction meet.

Dick Stieglitz, in creating the concept of Integrated Change Management (ICM) for Federal agencies, helped his clients explore “the emotional side of change.” He has since sold RGS to embark upon writing, family time, lecturing and sharing his concepts of self-improvement.

He’s helped himself, his children, his grandchildren, his clients, and his beloved longtime wife Mary Ellen. Now, Dick Stieglitz can help you.