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FACT: The business world changes every day.
FACT: The pace of change is accelerating.
FACT: Most companies wait too long to respond.
FACT: You and your people are both the problem and the solution.

In a changing world, companies can be mesmerized by their success. Executives often don’t see a need for CHANGE when business is going well. They are in a groove! Be careful though – because that groove may be a rut.

Embracing need for CHANGE enables you to find ways to enhance your results in ways that otherwise would go unnoticed. The change may be stronger teamwork, closer customer and supplier relationships, or more innovative products and services. The change may be to buy another company or to prepare yours to be sold. In any case, Dick can help your organization get ahead of the CHANGE curve!

If CHANGE will be the elephant-on-the-table at your next conference, then Dick Stieglitz is the speaker you want. He’s often called Dr. Change because his presentations de-mystify what many mortals fear most: CHANGE. And the audience is entertained in the process!

Dick connects with people by sharing humorous and poignant stories from his business and personal experiences. He will have the audience laughing and crying, thinking and growing, as they learn how to achieve career success and personal happiness even as everything around them is changing. That’s why meeting planners pick Dick Stieglitz when their keynote topic is CHANGE.

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